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Speaker: The Optimistic Leader

There is a yearning for stories of optimism and hope.  With the success of the books "Optimism: The How and Why" and  "The Case for Optimism: The Optimists' Voices,"   Victor delivers vibrant and inspiring keynote speeches for conferences and corporate retreats.  The key take-away message is "The Leader looks like the person in my mirror"  and the take-away task is to ask colleagues "What makes you optimistic?"  

Examples of Keynote Speeches

Examples of Victor as MC and Compere


Our mission is to "Celebrate, Understand and Improve Australian leadership."  The core of the enterprise is a creative commons treasure trove with hundreds of interviews on Australian Leadership, analyses and profiles of Australian Leaders at  There is an increasing demand for Victor and his team to help organisations and people navigate the complexities of leading in Australia.  The generic global books on leadership aren't enough: Australians are a unique breed!  Feel free to contact Victor to ask how he can help.  You are welcome to undertake an interview project with your team or supply-chain community.  You are welcome to become a sponsor.


Roundtables on Optimistic Leadership

Over the last three years, Victor has run over 100 roundtables on Leadership.  Some have focused on the actionable outcomes of the Australian Leadership Project and others on leadership for integrity, innovation and entrepreneurship.  The focus is now on Optimistic Leadership and lifting team performance with leadership optimism.  Typically run for 90 minutes to 2 hours, they engage partipants in reflecting on their own optimism, opportunity and spreading an optimistic mindset to the team, suppliers and customers.  They can be run with the C-Suite, management, the shop-floor, suppliers and customers.


Conferences and Retreats: Engagement and Optimism Panels

Victor is an excellent conference facilitator and panellist.  Decades of experience including The G20, G'Day USA, Bio, leading Trade Missions through to working with elementary school classes have given him a keen eye and enthusiasm for getting the best out of each event. Recently he moderated the strategy retreat of Australia's leading business organisation leading to a new 5-year strategy and vision.

Victor has always been a natural mixer at conferences and became intrigued by people's shyness at important conferences including G20 meetings and side-events.  Conference organisers should have have a strategy and team devoted to ensuring there's mixing of people at conferences and summits.

Victor recommends optimism themes, conversations and an end of day panel entitled "The Case for Optimism."  He is happy to moderate this stream of work and has worked with teams as diverse as CSL, The Global Malaria Congress, The Global Integrity Summit and Refugee Youth Leadership.  It's great to ask about optimism in the lead-up to a conference and the Malaria Optimism Twitter Account is an example of an activity which has continued to inspire beyond the conference itself.


Understanding Your Team Better

Victor's Australian Leadership Project has now interviewed over 1000 people with open-ended questions on leadership inspiration, qualities and the case for optimism.  There has been an incredible enthusiasm to contribute to Victor's Optimism publications.

Our offering is to interview your team or supply-chain community with two questions: "Tell us about the leaders who inspire you?" and "What makes you optimistic?  We can publish in book form, poster format and  social media to provide an ongoing source of inspiration.



The Australian Leadership Project

Most people now know the value of meditation, mindfulness and yoga in leadership.  In the course of his speeches and workshops, when asked, Victor will lead short meditations.  Recently a group of teenagers in a leadership retreat with Victor, joined Victor in a guided meditation then shared their joy and optimism and offered contributions to Victor's new book.  If you are interested in Victor's meditations, they are carried on iTunes and other online music services.


Purposeful Optimism and Sales Teams

Building on a set of presentations which energised an audience of several hundred, global sales expert Sue Barrett and Victor have motivated sales teams and C-Suites with Purposeful Optimism.  This is a program which starts with a roundtable and then builds the capacity of the firm's sales team to dramatically improve sales - the life-blood of every organisation.  Read more about Why Purposeful Optimism is Good for Business in a powerful essay by Sue following our most recent C-Suite roundtables.