Victor Perton

Optimism and Leadership

With the successful global distribution of the "Case for Optimism: The Optimists' Voices" and "The Optimists Voices: 2018,"  Victor is delivering keynote speeches, roundtable conversations and retreats on this topic.   Victor is also working with institutions to deliver local and corporate versions of the Optimists' Voices.  If you are interested in talking to Victor about working with him on your team's optimism or your own optimism, feel free to contact Victor.


The Australian Leadership Project

Our mission is to "Celebrate, Understand and Improve Australian leadership."  The core of the enterprise is a creative commons treasure trove with hundreds of interviews on Australian Leadership, analyses and profiles of Australian Leaders at  There is an increasing demand for Victor and his team to help organisations and people navigate the complexities of leading in Australia.  The generic global books on leadership aren't enough: Australians are a unique breed!  Feel free to contact Victor to ask how he can help.


Roundtables, Conferences and Retreats

Victor is an excellent conference facilitator, round-table moderator and popular speaker.  Decades of experience including The G20, G'Day USA, Bio, leading Trade Missions through to working with elementary school classes have given him a keen eye and enthusiasm for getting the best out of each event.  Recently he moderated the strategy retreat of Australia's leading business organisation leading to a new 5-year strategy and vision.     Contact Victor to see how he can help you and your organisation.